A comfortable way for stationary Hf pack operation.


Having in hands simple materials I start to imagine a way to associate ergonomic principles to a stationary Hf pack. The equipment is easily assembled and disassembled, light and foldable for carrying.

The FT 817 is powered by 2.500 Ma. AA Energizer batteries.


I started with some very strong clamps that are supplied with security cameras for temporary fixing. They have rubber pads inside for protection purposes, and clamps strongly on the FT 817 back.

Beside de clamps, I find in my box some steel brackets primarily used to keep in place fluorescent light tubes.

After many field tests I achieve the exact point that seated on a foldable chair the FT 817 panel is positioned straight to my eyes.


The other interesting thing about this operation position is that the right and the left hands can touch naturally the FT 817 control buttons.

The banner tripod is light and foldable and it is used to clamp the loudspeaker, the mike hanger and the Sony digital recorder.


The speaker sends the sound straight to the ears, the mike hanger rests the mike, and the Sony recorder controls are always in front of the fingers.

Now I am working on a complete foldable magnetic loop for easy carrying with this system.

PY1 AHD ALEX (Alexandre Grimberg).

e-mail: py1ahd@ig.com.br