Traveling Loop

The challenge on the traveling loop was develop a foldable magnetic loop antenna that should be easily assembled and disassembled for QRP HF pack.

This antenna was constructed after the flight confirmation of a seven days vacation trip to the paradisiacal Bahia beaches.

I could not lose the opportunity to test my FT 817 on some of the most beautiful and desert beaches of the world.

The antenna is made with coaxial cable shorting the inner conductor to the braid.

On the extremes of the loop are the PL 259 male connectors to be attached to the short circuited females connectors soldered to a 50 Pico farads split capacitor fixed on the extreme of the wood boom.

On this antenna I have mechanically made contacts instead of soldering the loop extremes to the capacitor, so I optimize the best possible connections.

On August 27, 2004 on 14:30 local time I receive a 5 by 9 report from VR2 XMT Charles in Hong Kong, the band was 17 meters and I was running the FT 817 on a DR36 Duracell battery.

I was carrying on my pocket a ceramic capacitor soldered to alligator clips to lower the antenna coverage to 40 meters band, and I have made many interesting contacts.

I have the idea to make a excited loop and cable complete set, that stays on the right place between the acrylic stick guide and pressed by the coaxial cable middle marked with a red tape.

Front and side view on the traveling magnetic loop main structure.


30 CMS Coaxial rolled cable

18 CMS excited loop


Shorted PL259 female connectors

PL 259 shorted on the coaxial


Hand made press holder

Excited loop engaged


Excited loop in place

Main loop pressed by the guide


Stick guide and excited loop holder

Red marked main loop middle


Assembled traveling magnetic loop


PY1 AHD ALEX (Alexandre Grimberg).