Floating Magnetic Loop

The floating loop was the result of my researches to achieve a thick and light loop.

The foam spaghetti lifeguard measures in general from 150 to 160 CMS and the thickness is around 8 CMS.


The antenna covers 6 / 10 / 12 and 15 meters and switching the two ceramic capacitors in parallel with the variable capacitor the antenna can cover 17 and 20 meters.

The first step is locate on the waste the inner thermal fax paper plastic tube, and close the spaghetti on a loop inserting the plastic tube on each side allowing some room on the center to accommodate the variable capacitor.

Take some meters of coaxial cable braid, make it flat and roll some spaced turns over the foam keeping the coaxial braid in place with some points of hot glue.

Leave 10 CMS of braid to solder to the air variable capacitor on the beginning and the end of the foam loop.

Roll some layers of the aluminum shed with controlled strength covering the spaghetti foam lifeguard.

Next take crystal adhesive tape and start to roll over and over to make the loop antenna firmly fitted.

Finally fix the wood boom with plastic ties to the inner fax tube. Fix the variable capacitor on the fax plastic inner tube. Adapt the adjusting stick to the variable capacitor aisle. Calculate the excited loop size (1/5 of the length of the main loop) and this floating loop antenna is ready to safe your life.


PY1 AHD ALEX (Alexandre Grimberg).