Field Day 2005


Inside of the foldable chair bag is the banner holder and the foldable magnetic loop boom.


The PL 259 goes to the split 50 Pf tuning capacitor and the excited loop hold between the acrylic adjusting stick guide and pressed against the loop boom by the coaxial cable loop.

This foldable coaxial cable loop, gives me a 17 meters, 5 watts DX on august 27, 2004 from Coroa Vermelha an Indian preservation village in Bahia to VR 2 XMT Charles in Hong Kong.


The operation position at Vigia Fortification, a 1728 construction build to protect Rio de Janeiro against pirate’s attacks.
On the left photo, a partial view the Sugar Loaf Mountain.


PY1 AHD ALEX (Alexandre Grimberg).

e-mail: py1ahd@ig.com.br