The Loop Team

I have already made over the last two years more then 30 loops, some may look strange but all of then have amazing DX stories.

The “tableantenna” is a invisible loop antenna mounted on the inner board of a 60 CMS. plastic table and it is made on ¾ inches soft cooper tube.

The thick antenna is one of the lightest and more efficient one due the large conductor diameter and it is made with children’s spaghetti life guard foam covered with kitchens aluminum shed.

On the middle is my first one loop covering from 24 MHz to 60 MHz, it is made with coaxial cable and is made with plastic electric floor finishing.
This antenna was developed to work with my Titan 10 meters AM / FM / SSB handheld, and on the top of the antenna is a home made field strength meter to perform the maximum transmitting signal tuning.

There is a slot on the antenna base to receive the Titan belt clip, and a lather band to firmly secure the radio on the hand.
This radio/antenna system give me my first handheld DX on October 29 , 2003 just on my birthday. Some days latter I could realize a child’s dream : a transcontinental contact from Rio de Janeiro to Slovenia running a handheld device, after that I have made some other cotacts.

On the middle up is 84 CMS diameter antenna made on 9 MM. soft cooper tube.

This antenna is the one that I use most of the time, on March 23 , 2004 this antenna gives me a pile up on 18.157,50 when I have made contacts to Hfpackers on United States and a lot of stations around the world including Japan.

And on my hand is the water tuned loop antenna.

PY1 AHD ALEX (Alexandre Grimberg).

e-mail: py1ahd@ig.com.br