The water remote tuned loop

I have already made over the last two years more then 30 loops, some may look strange but all of then have amazing DX stories.

This is loop antenna is made with coaxial cable and has 76 centimeters in diameter.
I use two injection serynger, they are both connected with flexible plastic tube filled with water.
When I push or pull the frequency calibrated injection serynger that is in my hand the other one push or pulls the mobile portion of a metal piston capacitor tuning the antenna between 14 MHz to 30 MHz .
I always carry some little plastic boxes with ceramic fixed capacitors inside with alligator clips that allows me reduce the resonant frequency of the loops to work on the lower bands.
This antenna is very light and I carry it on my back for QRP pedestrian operation.
I can take it from my back and put on the extreme of a pole and tune it seated on a foldable chair.

PY1 AHD ALEX (Alexandre Grimberg).

e-mail: py1ahd@ig.com.br