Coupling the Duracell DR36 battery to the FT 817

The Duracell DR 36 laptop battery can be easily find and supplies 12 volts X 4 amperes.

The main advantages on this system are, the weight, size, quick battery changing and no stress to the FT 817 power connector.


Tear at the middle a car fuse, soldering each blade on a printed circuit board coinciding with the plus and minus battery slots.

Solder a short piece of cable from the printed circuit board to the power connector to be pluged on the FT 817.


I have used a small bargain manufactured printed circuit board soldering the fuse blades on it.


For the battery charging I have made a 0,5 amperes constant current charger to fill the battery after 10 to 12 hours.

On the upper left photo can be seen the rubber band passed trough the hook supplied with suction cups.

Apply on the battery five silicon glued Scotch pads , to protect the radio and the battery against scratching , these procedure keeps everything firmly without swinging.


On the field battery changing can be performed in about 10 seconds, with no stress to the FT 817 power female connector.

PY1 AHD ALEX (Alexandre Grimberg).

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