Alexloop RC-2 remote tuning system

AlexLoop HamPack capacitor motor drive and RC-2 Remote Control

In response to many requests and inquiries received from the users and would-be adopters of the AlexLoop HamPack, we have designed and now offer the RC-2 remote tuning system.

The RC-2’s design allows the AlexLoop HamPack owner the optimum useability experience.

The larger knob on the RC-2 remote tuning box allows the operator to choose the band/frequency to operate on and the direction he needs to turn the knob to go to higher or lower band/frequency.

The tuning speed control knob is located below the larger tuning knob.

A higher tuning speed is useful to locate a desired band/frequency quickly. Sudden increase of the band noise indicates that the operator is near the best tuning point for transmission and reception.

The operator then should select a continuos carrier mode (AM or FM) on the transceicer and press the PTT and hold it. (Some modern transceivers have a XMIT button to generate a carrier signal.)

Now, by using lower tuning speed, turn the tuning knob right and left until the LED shines the brightest. The transceiver will now show the lowest SWR. Release the PTT and choose the mode (SSB, CW, FM, AM or digital mode) you wish to operate in.

Important: AlexLoop RC-2 Remote Control is a precision electronic equipment. Although it is made to last a long time it is necessary to take special care and never put a heavy object on it.

RC-2 Motor drive RC-2 Motor drive

The compact motor drive is the same size as the standard 9 volt battery

RC-2 RC-2

RC-2 Portable Remote Control is powered by a standard 9 volt alkaline batter. Insert the battery as show on the photo.

RC-58 extencion cable bag RC-58 extencion cable and bag

When the operator add the RG-58 extension cable to the AlexLoop HamPack supplied RG-58 cable the total length will totalize 5,80 meters. The interconnecting cable from the RC-2 Remote Control the motor drive unit length is 5,80 meters. Cables pouch included.


Ilustraded, simple and quick AlexLoop HamPack
RC-2 Remote Control instalattion.


QST - August 2020

Carefull unscrew the tuning knob and remove it.


QST - August 2020

Remove the lower screw and use it to fix the motor bracket with the curved part on the direction of the pointer.


QST - August 2020

Engage the motor drive on the bracket at the same time you engage the motor to the capacitor aisle. Screw with moderated pressure the 3X3 Allen screw.

Instalation kit

AlexLoop HamPack RC-2 Remote Control cushioned pouch


Instalation kit

Complete instalation kit supplied with one 1/8” screwdriver
one 3/16” screwdrive one 3 x 3 allen wrench.

Round mini box content:
one allen 3 x 3 screw, one 6-32 X ¼ screw and two RC-2 spare rubber feet.

AlexLoop Portable Remote Control RC-2 for AlexLoop HamPack Antenna

Alexandre Grimberg